Story Time Art: Little Snowflake

Winter in upstate New York has us experiencing snow like we never have before. It’s funny actually… snow is what I thought the worst part of moving here would be (being from the south where it’s sunny and warm). However, I see the joy it brings to my girls as they make snow angels, build snowmen and just stare out the window as snowflakes fall from the sky. I find myself taking in the beauty of the quiet and calming snow falls, and I never thought I’d admit this, but I’m sure I will miss it when we move back down south.

This book and art project are the perfect pair to brighten these winter months… while learning some fun facts about how the weather elements actually work!

Check out this video for a peek into the book and for a quick tutorial for the snowflake art to go along:


Stories of the Seasons: A Treasury of Nature Stories by Melanie Joyce and Suzanne Fossey includes four separate stories for each season of the year. I found that my oldest daughter (4 years old) was asking a lot of questions about snow.

This book is such a great addition to our library because not only does it help me explain how these weather elements work (great science connections!), but it also has the cutest characters illustrated in such a precious style. It’s a win-win!

Seriously… how cute is this snowflake?


Here is what we used:

  • 12″ x 12″ purple paper
  • White card stock for circle templates
  • Crayola drawing chalk (white)
  • Round tracers or download my free circle TEMPLATES
  • Oil pastels
  • White liquid tempera paint (and blue if you want to make a light blue snowflake)
  • Medium round paintbrush
  • Cardboard rectangle and square (one long edge and one shorter edge)
  • Glue
  • Q-tips


  1. Rub the background with drawing chalk and add some swirls to mimic wind.

2. If using light blue for the snowflake, mix a little amount of blue paint into the white. My daughter LOVED this! The magic of color mixing for little kids…

3. Trace the larger circle with the chalk or white oil pastel. Go over with the paint.

4. Draw a face onto the smaller circle. Glue to the center of the paper. *If using light blue paint, paint the paper and wait for the paint to dry before adding the eyes and mouth. If you are sticking with white, it goes faster because it eliminates drying time.

5. Print long lines with the cardboard pieces into the white or light blue paint for the snowflake details. Use the shorter edge for the smaller lines going along the longer ones.

6. Add snow with q-tips dipped in paint all around the background to finish up!

There you have it! If you enjoy this book and create this project with your little ones, please tag us on Instagram with @picturebooksandpeonies or #picturebooksandpeonies


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