Hi there! My name is Marisa Gebert, an army wife to Andy and mom to my three daughters Maria, Caroline and Julia. I’m a Georgia peach living all around the United States in this crazy army life. And I wouldn’t trade it for anything. It’s truly an awesome adventure!

My three loves can be summed up like this: love for God, love for family and love for country. I strive every day to make decisions that align with these three loves… from how I treat others to what values I want to instill in my children. If there is one thing I’ve learned about parenting so far… it’s that raising my children is the most important thing I will ever do. They are the future generation.

Even though not all of the books I feature are considered Christian, they still align with our core values as people of the Catholic faith striving to achieve the goal larger than all goals: to become saints. And believe me, I am far from perfect. But I strive to be better every day in my walk with Christ. If I can help my girls navigate through this world with a strong foundation of their faith, knowing right from wrong, understanding what God’s love is all about through two of my favorite things: picture books and art, then I figure that is something worth sharing in case you needed some similar inspiration with the little ones in your life.