How to Make Flower Art for Kids

Are you looking for a beautiful book about flowers and an art project that goes along to get you and your little ones ready for warmer weather? ☀️ This easy flower art might be just what you need to brighten the day!


When I saw A Season of Flowers by Michael Garland, I knew I had to make a kids’ art project utilizing some fun printed scrapbook paper that I had in my closet, some white and blue paint along with some green paper scraps to turn into a lovely peony collage. My daughter and I loved learning about the different flowers.

And peonies are my favorite. Go figure!


Here is what we used for this flower art collage:

  • 12″ x 18″ white sulphite paper (or you could skip the sponge painted background and just use light blue sulphite paper)
  • Liquid tempera paint (white & blue)
  • Large paint brush
  • Kitchen sponge cut in half
  • Paper towel roll cut in half, and then into smaller pieces
  • Pieces of pink scrapbook paper and/or pink sulphite paper cut into simple flower shapes
  • Green sulphite paper cut into leaf and stem shapes
  • Glue


  1. Paint background with light blue paint (mixing blue and white paint into a palette) with a large brush.
  2. Sponge on white areas for clouds and a fun texture. (My daughter LOVED this.)
  3. Set aside to dry.
  4. Take the flower shapes and print white curved lines to mimic peony petals with the paper towel roll halves.
  5. When the paint has dried, glue the flowers, stems and leaves to the background.
(When I did this project, I printed the lines then cut out the flowers. It would be way easier for your little to just have the flower shapes precut.)

Are you looking for more flower inspired art projects and books? Check out our Paper Rose Bouquets perfect for Valentine’s Day or anytime you need some blooms to brighten you and your little one’s day ?

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