Oh hi, I’m Marisa!

And my mission is to help you transform art time with kids into meaningful moments that help their love for Christ and His Church shine in their art and in their hearts!

I feel so confident now in my vocation as a mother helping my daughters come to know Christ that is way more engaging for them than what I was doing before. Coloring pages and worksheets designed to teach the Catholic faith just weren’t cutting it. I knew that there had to be another approach that I could add to our catechesis toolbox. Once I discovered the power of using visual art to pass on the faith, everything changed. My girls began asking questions about God because of the art. Their engagement levels sky rocketed and the best part? They beg me for more “Jesus” art projects.

But it didn’t start out that way!   

It was a struggle for me to get through Mass with all three of them at such young ages. And as wonderful as religious education programs can be, I knew that I needed to do more at home to be that primary teacher of the faith for my kids. As an experienced elementary art teacher, I realized the power of creating Catholic art with kids. I discovered the impact using art to help kids live liturgically had on their faith formation. And with a simple plan to follow with minimal supplies and incredible results, I knew that prioritizing the faith in fun ways that they would love was possible.

And that’s exactly what our We Believe Online Art Course for Kids is all about.

It gives you the tools you need to teach children about our beautiful Catholic faith through art. Not only do these projects result in incredible display-worthy art, but more importantly, they also turn little hearts to Christ. And that is something our world needs now more than ever.